Hyundai HEESPA


Hyundai HEESPA

The Range of Supply

Low & Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

  • ACB (Air Circuit Breaker)
  • VCB (Vacuum Circuit breaker)
  • VI (Vacuum Interrupter)
  • VCS (High Voltage Vacuum Contactor)
  • MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) 
  • Contactors & Relay

Power Automation

  • HG MAP

Rotating Machinery

  • Low/Medium/High Voltage Induction Motor
  • Synchronous Generator

Marine Solution 

  • Marine Switchgear
  • Marine Distribution Transformer
  • Marine Rotating Machine

Hyundai Electro Electric &Parts Agency

About us

Hyundai HEESPA who’s an authorized agency of HD Hyundai electric, and will supply same parts and service that HD Hyundai electric uses for his products. In addition, we offer a wide range of spare parts at a very reasonable price and we can reduce the lead time.

Hyundai HEESPA

PR Center

Hyundai Electro Electric Service & Parts Agency

Hyundai Electro Electric & Parts Agency

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