Power Automation
Digital Protection Relay

Digital powerhouse with precise measurement and tight protection relay function! 
In the digital age, we go beyond developing technology to meet customer needs. We need technology to discover and develop inconveniences or functions that customers have not thought of before.
Based on this digital technology, precise protection measurement, various functions, powerful control, It is a high-tech protection and measurement device that perfectly implements ultra-high-speed communication functions.


  • Easy replacement and intercahnge each other completely.
  • Easy operation through a large graphic LCD with optional LED indicators.
  • Easy programming for breaker controls through variety of layout configurations.

  • SYMAP-FI   Feeder protection 
  • SYMAP-MI   Motor protection 
  • SYMAP-TI  Transformer (2 winding transformers)
    / Motor Differential protection
Digital Protection Relay(HG MAP)

  • Protection and measurement function: Feeder/Incoming/Motor/TR/Renewable
  • Voltage/current vector diagram display
  • Product size optimization and weight reduction
  • EMC shielding and heat dissipation structure

  • Grounded and ungrounded, renewable, transformer protection function
  • Measurement function Voltage, current, power, wattage, power factor, frequency, harmonics, demand
  • For detailed specifications and more information, please refer to our catalog and contact your local representative.

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