Hyundai HEESPA is an authorized agency of HD Hyundai Electric,
and supplies same parts and service that HHI uses for his products.


Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule.
Hyundai HEESPA (Hyundai Electro Electric Service & Parts Agency) is an authorized agency of HD Hyundai Electric Co., Ltd. and supplise same parts and service that HD Hyundai Electric uses for his products.

Numerous parts are required for ship's operating and maintenance, and mostly parts supply needs an urgent response.
Since I have been working in Ship building industries for over 30 years, I understand how important promt action in supplying spares is, and our company is making every effort to meet our customer's urgent needs with a reasonable price and the shortest delivery time.

We will be a trustworthy partner who can help your valuable ships maintain its safety operation.
Moreover we truly hope your company's prosperity, as well.

 Thank you.

Awarded "Million dollar export tower"
 on the 51st Trady Day 2014.12

Hyundai Electro Electric & Parts Agency

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Tel : +82-52-233-5819

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